Sabtu, 17 Oktober 2009

Teacher Oh..Teacher

Staff of Culture and Education Office

Teacher is the idol profession in this time. Profession certificate or certification, functional subsidy is some charm prosperity example of which obtained by teacher profession, of course which have become public teacher. But how teacher profession humanity chance which is often referred as by erratic teacher or honorable teacher? Less prosperity, inattentive, even is often assumed of parasite by government. Ironic really, though they have is same share in educating nation child. Like there is very wide crevasse if comparing prosperity among public teacher with erratic teacher or honorable teacher, but that is fact in fact.
Well, in this article, writer will not study teacher from prosperity side and profession legality, but from other side.
In fact, who is entitled to gird teacher title? Do one who have officer mains number, people lifted by letter decision headmaster, moslem scholar, prominent religion, or whom?
A historian which also ex culture and education minister Prof. Fuad Hasan have said that in the world there’s only two profession, that is teacher and non teacher. From that statement, he wish to say that whoever can become teacher. Concept teacher in Culture Java is buttonhole which “digugu lan ditiru” clearly answer what is such of teacher by Prof. Fuad Hasan. Teacher is byword buttonhole, good in utterance, behavior and action, and that can just be conducted by whom.
A pedicap worker which always friendliness, comporting respectably, patient, will try and remain to be grateful, buttonhole which is proper to be referred as teacher because can become byword is compared to one who is lifted by letter decision of teacher but acting in harsh, like to gamble, doing is desecrate, or peculate school or student, even if he knock by heart duty learn according to Number 14 of Law Year 2005 about Teacher and Lecturer, that teacher is professional educator with especial duty educate, teaching, guiding, instructing, train, assessing, and evaluating educative participant.
Some times ago we read in newspaper, there is teacher in Purworejo cought handed to gamble, doing is desecrate, do them still is properly referred as teacher? If us return to teacher meaning which is "digugu lan ditiru" of course its answer is inappropriate. But that way that is can’t “digebyah uyah” or equalized that any teacher do like that, but proverb "karena nila setitik, rusak susu sebelanga" can depict that profession teacher in Purworejo is in “damage” condition.
Damage here can be interpreted to become society focus, because with existence of certification which have implication to make-up of prosperity, teacher can no longer do as delicious as, there no place to do wrong society eye. According to law, teacher claimed to improve competency according to Number 19 Government Regulation Year 2005 about Education National Standard section 28, mention that teacher/educator is study agent which must have four competency, that is competency of pedagogic, personality, professional, and social.
Meaning "digugu" is byword. Byword in thinking and comprehending something, representing personification of ability of teacher in had is comprehending science (cognitive). If us attribute to teacher competency four, hence tending to pedagogic competency and professional competency. Competency of Pedagogic, by substantive include; cover ability of is understanding of to educative participant, scheme and execution of study, evaluate result learn, and development of educative participant for implementation various owned potency, while professional competency represent respective ability with domination of items study of study area widely and circumstantial which include; cover domination of substantive fill subject curriculum items.
While "ditiru" also have byword meaning, but rather to domain of affective. If attributed to four teacher competency represent personification of personality competency and social competency. Personality competency represent ability of personal expressing settled personality, stable, adult, wise, and authoritative, becoming byword to educative participant, and have august behavior, while social competency with reference to ability of educator as part of society to communicate and associate with effectively with educative participant, educator humanity, human resource of educational, parent or educative participant sponsor, and society around.
Effort which have been conducted by Drs. Bambang Aryawan, MM, as Chief Culture and Education which always remind teacher, so that always competency improve and can become byword according to meaning "digugu lan ditiru" in so many opportunity require to be digested later; then application. Don't teacher owning decree oppositely cannot become buttonhole "digugu lan ditiru", because team them most next in educating nation child, although them remain to be assisted and supported by "teachers" existing other around us, because Education represent responsibility with including society.

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People say that being a teacher is a noble profession. No doubt about it. Many people admit that teachers give a lot of contribution to characters' building. That must be remembered that teachers are also human that also have weaknesses. So many demands to teachers to be good, excellent, and perfect; hopefully the teachers can fulfill those criteria though it needs a lot of efforts. :)